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From Catwalk to Sidewalk: Fashion Winter Trends 2023. The Ultimate Guide for a Fabulous Closet

Updated: Jun 10

The runways have spoken, and now, it's time to translate these high-fashion fantasies into our everyday wardrobes. Whether you're a seasoned fashionista or someone seeking a sprinkle of style magic, this guide with the winter trends 2023 will get you mastering winter elegance.


Autumn Winter Trends

Months have whisked by since the grand finales of the autumn/winter 23 fashion shows dazzled us back in January and February. Now, with winter's frosty embrace upon us and the tantalizing promise of sales season just a frostbite away, we're thrilled to unveil the winter trends that have triumphed from catwalk to sidewalk. This isn't just about dressing up; it's about embracing the season with style and savvy. From statement long coats that speak elegance to accessories that add a twinkle to your eye, our curated roundup is more than a trend guide - it's a playbook for your winter wardrobe revolution and, it goes without saying, each trend can be the perfect gift for both your closets and your loved ones. After all, what's Christmas without a little fashion fairy dust?


Autumn/Winter Shapes and Cuts

As we look back at the catwalks of January and February, one striking feature was the emphasis on ultra-feminine shapes. Hourglass-shaped garments and vintage silhouettes were everywhere, celebrating the feminine form in all its glory. Adding to the allure were the long winter coats, not a novelty in themselves, but this time they arrived slightly longer, extending their elegance and sophistication into a new dimension of grace.

In a delightful contrast, the fashion world also embraced the cool nonchalance of dropped waist trousers and skirts, offering a chic and relaxed vibe. Alongside these winter trends, the crop jackets maintained their position, providing an edgy and youthful contrast with their unconventional cuts.


We also witnessed a tribute to the 80s and 90s - a period known for its daring fashion statements. This season, sharp square forms created by high padded shoulders made a significant comeback, adding a touch of retro-glam to modern outfits.

Green wool winter coat
Winter Long coat

Cropt Jacket
Cropped Jacket

Cropped Wool Jacket Lilac
Cropped Jacket

Oversized Blazer
Oversized Blazer

From Runway to Reality: Winter Trends Styles Hitting the Streets

Now, let's delve into the trends that have successfully transitioned from the high-fashion runways to our everyday streets. Denim on denim is leading the charge. Whether it's a coordinated two-piece outfit or a stunning jumpsuit, this trend is refreshingly easy to follow. It's all about creatively pairing those beloved jeans items that are staples in every wardrobe.


For those with a penchant for polished looks, the office chic trend is your go-to. Structured suits and oversized blazers are not just for the boardroom anymore. They've found their way into our daily ensembles, offering a sophisticated yet trendy vibe.


If you dare to defy the cold, mini shorts paired with high knee-length boots and statement tights are a guaranteed hit this season. But for those who prefer more coverage, maxi skirts are your ideal choice. They're taking over the high streets and keeping you both stylish and warm.

Sequin Mini Shorts
Sequin shorts

Maxi vegan leather skirt
Maxi Skirt

Maxi Vegan Leather Skirt
Maxi Vegan Leather Skirt

Denim Jumpsuit
Denim Jumpsuit

Colour Trends: From Bold to Classic

The winter trends for colour palette this season is as diverse as it is stunning. Reds and deep reds dominate, bringing warmth and intensity to the colder months. Shades of pink are still in vogue, likely a residual effect of the Barbiecore trend.


Beige, a winter staple, is also flooding the streets, offering a versatile and chic option. And, of course, the timeless sophistication of black and white remains a strong contender, as seen in creations by Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney and Valentino.

Lilac and light shades of purple has emerged as a surprising yet enchanting player in this winter's colour trends, challenging traditional winter palettes. Often reserved for the freshness of spring, these shades bring a soft, whimsical charm to the colder months they offer a refreshing contrast to the typical deep tones of winter fashion.


Metallic shades and shimmering tones emerged as a standout colour captivating audiences with their allure. Palettes ranging from silver, gold, bronze and iridescent rainbow shades are not just confined to evening wear; they appeared in casual and streetwear styles as well, demonstrating their versatility.

Recycled Metallic Bomber Jacket
Recycled Bomber Jacket

Sequin Mini Party Dress with Fringe Mini Dress
Sequin Mini Dress

Maxi Merino Wool Winter Dress
Merino Wool Dress

Organic Winter Dress Tencel Fabric
Organic Dress

Prints & Textures: The Detailing Makes the Difference

This season's prints are all about making a statement. Eye-catching scenic patterns, classic polka dots, and timeless tartan prints are taking centre stage in store windows. In the realms of textures, we're seeing an abundance of feathers, ultra-soft fluffy fabrics, sleek leather, oversized bows and intricate 3D flower details, adding depth and interest to any outfit.


The fashion winter trends this year are all about expression and elegance. Whether you're revamping your wardrobe or just adding a few trendy pieces, remember that true style is about wearing what makes you feel confident and fabulous inside out. So, embrace these trends with creativity and style making them your own. And above all, have fun, feel fabulous, be Femme!


Fluffy Vegan Leather Earmuffs
Fluffy Vegan Leather Earmuffs

Tartan Blazer
Tartan Blazer
The George Pants by 57 LONDON

Vintage Style Polka Dots Mini Dress

The Elsie Dress Mini by FRANKS LONDON

See through Top with 3D flower details
Top with 3D Flower Details

Wool Jumper with 3D Flower Details
Wool Jumper with Flower Details

Vegan Leather Party Dress
Vegan Leather Dress

Shearling Pink Fur Tote Bag
Shearling Fur Tote Bag

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