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7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Job

Updated: Jun 11

New years resolution: to find a new job

Is "quitting my job" at the top of your New Year's resolution list? Join the club! The post-holiday period often sparks thoughts of a career change. But let's hit pause and ponder: is it really your job that's the issue, or is it something else? Often, it's not just the job, but a mix of factors – winter blues, holiday hangovers, and a pinch of stress and debt – that stirs this pot. This time of the year can be a catalyst for change, but let's first dissect whether your job dissatisfaction is rooted in personal or professional issues.

1. Dealing with Dislike for Colleagues/Bosses: Why do I dislike my colleagues and boss, and what's behind these feelings?

If you find yourself disliking your colleagues or boss, it's crucial to delve deeper into these feelings. Is it a personality clash, or are there deeper issues at play? Is the work environment toxic, or do your goals and values differ from those of management? Understanding the root cause can help you navigate these relationships more effectively and provide personal growth.

2. Feeling Unappreciated: Do I need new challenges or to upskill my work game?

Feeling stuck? It might be time to spice things up! Seek new challenges or celebrate small wins with a self-pat on the back (or a cupcake – cupcakes work too). Consider whether you need new challenges or some self-love in the form of upskilling. Online courses, books, or heart-to-hearts with colleagues can open new doors. Concerned about money? Rethink your spending habits or prepare a persuasive case highlighting your achievements to negotiate that well-deserved raise.

3. Holiday Healing: Do I take enough holidays?

Many studies agree that taking at least two vacations a year can do wonders for your mental and physical health, and even prolong your life! Taking time off is essential for mental and emotional well-being. Holidays provide a break from routine, offering an opportunity to recharge and reflect on your job objectively.

I hate my job. Burnout symptoms

4. Gratitude Attitude: How did I feel the last time I was unemployed?

Adopting a mindset of gratitude can significantly impact how you view your job. Recall the hardships of job hunting and appreciate the stability your job provides, like a roof over your head and food on the table. It's also important to remember that challenging situations and relationships at work can be a hidden masterclass in life skills like patience, communication, and empathy.

5. Expectation Expedition: How did I feel on day one of my current job?

Remember the excitement when you first started? Revisit that feeling. Maybe there's still some magic left in your current role. Reflect on your initial motivations versus your current expectations. The secret is finding joy in small victories and reassessing whether it's really a job mismatch or just unmet desires.

6. Balance Bliss: How often do I take short breaks at work, and how do I spend my free time?

Regular short breaks during work are sanity savers! Even if it's just a two-minute escape to the nearest window to watch the world go by. A little stretching, a bit of fresh air – it's like hitting the refresh button on your mood. Equally important is nurturing your social life outside of work. Affordable fun with loved ones and a work-talk ban during your free time can be your secret to a happier work-life balance.

burnout and work-life-balance

7. The Power of Perspective: Is it really my job?

By exploring these angles, you might realize your job is not the villain you thought it was. Most importantly, you might gain insights on handling workplace challenges better. In sum, it’s not always about controlling your work environment, but about how you respond and adapt to it. Challenges are inevitable, even in new jobs; it's your attitude that shapes your experience. So, before you leap into the job-hunting pool, take a moment to reflect. Wishing you all a tremendous 2024, dear Femmes, and cheers to a New Year filled with clarity, joy and balance!

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