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9 Easy Steps to Promote a Sustainable Halloween

Boo-Hoo! Why Halloween can be spooky for Mother Earth and how can you promote a sustainable Halloween?

Don't waste your pumpkin. Here you will find tips for a sustainable Halloween.

Ever wondered how our beloved night of haunts and howls impacts our dear planet? Let's take a quick broomstick ride through the not-so-sweet side of Halloween.

The main environmental impacts stem from the production and disposal of plastic-based products utilized during Halloween celebrations. Think about all the decorations, wrappers and disposable costumes. Not to mention the 17 million pumpkins discarded every year.

These are creepy-crawly facts prove that Halloween might be scarier for Mother Earth than we thought. Yet, fear not! With a little thought and preparation, it's possible to celebrate this haunting holiday in an eco-friendly way. Here are 9 easy steps that will help you to promote a sustainable Halloween without spoiling the fun.

#1 Choose Eco-Friendly Costumes: even better, reuse and recycle instead of buying new ones. You can also trade them with friends and neighbours.

#2 DIY Costumes: use materials from around the house to create unique outfits, reducing waste and saving money.

#3 Natural Decor: Use autumn leaves, gourds, and pumpkins to decorate. They're biodegradable and can be composted afterwards.

#4 LED Lights: Opt for energy-saving LED lights instead of traditional bulbs. They use up to 80% less energy.

#5 Plastic-Free Packaging: Choose treats that come in minimal or compostable packaging.

#6 Local Sweets: Buy treats from local artisans or shops to reduce carbon footprint.

#7 Eat Your Pumpkin: After carving, use the insides for soups, pies, or roasting seeds. We have 3 incredible recipes that are a great option to utilize the leftovers of your pumpkins.

#8 Compost Leftovers: If you don't consume your pumpkin, ensure it's composted to reduce landfill waste.

#9 Green Transport: Organise walking groups for trick-or-treating rather than driving. This reduces CO2 emissions and promotes community bonding.

Stay tuned for our next posts where we’ll share eco-fabulous recipes for your leftover pumpkins. Until then, haunt responsibly!

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