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Female designers. Sustainable clothes. Ethical fashion brands. Organic fabrics.


Skylence is a London based, contemporary womenswear brand that combines the clean lines of modern European design with traditional Chinese cultural and historical details, producing beautiful pieces for modern, cosmopolitan and professional woman. We like to think of it as ‘Cultured Attire’.

The designs adopt a simple, elegant and sophisticated silhouette adorned with intricate detailing; from embroidery, woven patterns and trims all inspired by traditional Chinese art and culture. Rich colours and print patterns taken from China’s heritage enrich each garment. designed to tell a story, empower women in their everyday lives and deliver an immaculate, premium experience.

Modern femininity is at the heart of the company with an inherent message of faith, hope and love. The SKYLENCE woman is vibrant, individual, strong and creative. Through our clothing we encourage this woman to use her power, vision and strength to create good in the world and to look chic whilst doing so.

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