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Tackle sleep disorder with these easy tips 😴

Follow these 7 easy steps to promote a decent nights sleep.

1. Watch your diet before bed – Avoid heavy, oily, and high-carb foods and eat 3-4 hours before bedtime.

2. Increase the exposure to bright light during the day – our body has its biological clock but sometimes it needs a little winding to work properly and promote routine. When we get long exposure to sunlight or bright light during the day our circadian rhythm – the biological clock- self-regulates meaning high levels of energy during the day and optimum quality of sleep time during the night

3. Avoid long naps during the day

4. Clear your mind – ditch screen-time before bedtime and read a good book instead

5. Create a calming environment - Light plays a central role in regulating circadian rhythm. Avoid artificial or bright lights near the time you are going to bed, instead replace them with candles or dimmers to control the light intensity

6. Aromatherapy – a few drops of organic lavender oil on your temples and wrist works wonders to calm and promote sleep quality

7. Wear comfortable clothes and use comfortable bedsheets. The softer, the better. Silk fabrics are the best option and will guarantee a perfect restful sleep.

The label behind the silky-dreamy fabrics you see in the photo is @artemluxe💖. Everything you need for comfort, relaxation and a good sleep you will find on their website. 👀 💕

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