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La Femme Founders

The Joys of working with your BFF :-)

Hello, we are Cathy & Dada. Welcome to the rosy world of La Femme!

Right from the very beginning, our synergy was undeniable. We met each other during an event in London. Slowly we went onto discover the affinities, values and interests we both had in common. Among them was the desire of having our own businesses and building something meaningful that could add value to people’s life. After sharing many life experiences, traveling, crying, laughing, partying together and enjoying each others company for 12 years, we thought: - Since we have been playing hard together for so long, why not work hard in a duo as well? We both had experience working in fashion and that was the starting point to decide the kind of business we want to work in.

After a little soul-searching, it was easy to define how we wanted to make the difference by building not only an e-commerce platform but also, more importantly, a sisterhood that would genuinely support other fellow femmes who shared the love of fashion and had their hearts set on conscious consumption and the preservation of our beautiful planet. Whether you are an entrepreneur trying to establish your fashion brand or a conscious consumer, we built this space with love and we truly hope we can bring a little awareness, support and some sparkle into your lives.

Light & Love

Cathy & Dada x

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